1. Complete the installation guide for Linux http://wordpresspete.com/wordpresspete-linux-installation/

2.Go to your hosting provider’s DNS management page and point your domain or subdomain to the IP of the server where you have installed WordPressPete.

Note: Remember that WordPressPete is not a DNS Server so you have to complete this step for all the actions related to production (Clone, Create, Import, Integrate with Laravel):

Go to your DNS manager:

Make sure that the blank and www AAA records point to the server IP with the WordPressPete installation 

Wait a couple of hours for your DNS servers to update the records. You should now see the WordPressPete login page when you browse to your domain.

3. Go to your WordPressPete installation. Once you are logged in, click on “Create New WordPress”; then set the name of the project and the URL.

Go to the URL and complete the WordPress installation