For this tutorial we have installed WordPress Pete on a macOS machine and registered the license

To know how to install WordPress Pete macOs read the installation guide here.

To know how to register the WordPress Pete Standard License, read this tutorial

1. Once you have installed WorPress Pete on your local machine and registered the standard license, install the premium plugins

2. For this tutorial we will use the example of the Genuinely Passionate site to explore the amazing possibilities when you get together the best of both worlds by integrating WordPress with Laravel. Please download the WordPress Pete site file here

You can convert any WordPress site to the WordPress Pete format, to know how to do it, check this tutorial.

For this tutorial we are going to use Project Name: passionate and URL:passionate.test and then select the file you just downloaded.

Let’s create a New WordPress+Laravel Instance with project name: dashboard and URL: dashboard.passionate.test

Now we are going to explore the code inside the examples:

List users example

In this example we can see a clean implementation of the MVC pattern. as you see in the HelloController we execute the WordPress method get_users to get all users and then passed to view.



List WordPress posts

This example list all the WordPress posts in Laravel.



List Woocommerce products

This example list all the Woocommerce products in Laravel.



List Woocommerce orders

This example list all the Woocommerce orders for each user in Laravel.



Edit WordPress posts

This example shows how to list WordPress posts and edit them with the MVC pattern in Laravel