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Integrate Laravel, migrate, launch, or clone WordPress sites in minutes.
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Migrating, launching, integrating, or cloning a WordPress site has never been easier.

WordPressPete is a local and production server environment that can be installed in macOS and Linux with just a few clicks.

WordPress + Laravel

Imagine powering the front end of your website in WordPress while managing content, payments, subscriptions, advanced tools, and custom dashboard in the powerful MVC framework Laravel (5.5+,6,7,8) Picture being able to deploy this robust development environment in just a few clicks — with the portability that you need to deploy across multiple servers. It’s here and it’s called WordPressPete.

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Painless WordPress Exports

Export your WordPress sites and switch hosting companies with ease. Move your installation to a local or staging server for hassle-free testing.

Clone WordPress Sites Hassle-free

Avoid repeating yourself by creating WordPress instances from scratch. Save time and resources by cloning existing sites with a single click. WordPress Pete will export your entire database and make sure that the cloned site is up and ready to go. Tweak existing WordPress installations to fit your new clients’ needs in a matter of minutes.

Easily Integrate Laravel & WordPress

Get the best of both worlds by integrating WordPress with Laravel – a powerful MVC framework for PHP. WordPress Pete enables one-click Laravel integrations out of the box.

Compatible with UNIX

WordPress Pete is compatible with all UNIX-based operating systems like macOS and Ubuntu. You will need a VPS or dedicated server to install it.


5-minute Installation

The entire installation process is quick. Granted you have root SSH access to your server, you’ll be up and running in less than five minutes.

Tech Support

In purchasing a license, you will gain access to 24/7 technical support via tickets.
“I needed to run local tests with my WordPress sites and it was always a headache. With WordPressPete I was able to clone WordPress sites in my local environment in seconds.”
Laura Busche
Author of Lean Branding and UX Designer
“I needed to develop a subscription site and display certain personalized data. By getting a subscription  WordpressPete I could quickly combine Laravel to achieve it. My WordPress installation leveled up to the kinds of advanced configurations previously only  large companies could afford.”
Francisco Quintero
IT Developer Engineer
“My server was hacked recently and I needed to move all of my WordPress sites. It would have taken me weeks to do that, but with WordPressPete I could migrate 10 WordPress Sites in a couple of hours.”
Fabio Pino
WordPress Developer
“As our project in WordPress grew we also needed more developers working. WordPressPete has been very helpful in integrating developers into the project in a short period of time, as they can quickly install our most updated version locally”
Omar Lee