Install WordPressPete for Linux in three simple steps:

1.Open the Terminal and access your VPS or dedicated server from the Terminal logging as the root user via SSH.

2. Copy and paste the installation command for WordPressPete in the Terminal and press Enter.

curl -o -L && chmod 755 && ./


3. After you run this command, you’ll see the following page in the server IP. Now create the admin user for WordPressPete. Make sure to save the password in a secure place.

 Supported Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu-16.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu-18.04 LTS


Default Location

Apache Path
Install Prefix /usr/local/apache
Web root location /var/www/
Main Configuration File /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
Virtual Host location /data/www/virtual_host_names
Virtual Host log location /data/wwwlog/virtual_host_names
Virtual Host conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/virtual_host.conf


PHP Path
Install Prefix /etc/alternatives/php
Configuration files /etc/php/5.6/apache2/php.ini
Change PHP version manually

To switch to php 7.4:
Log into server terminal with root user and then run the following commands:

sudo a2dismod php5.6
sudo a2dismod php7.0
sudo a2dismod php7.1
sudo a2dismod php7.2
sudo a2dismod php7.3
sudo a2dismod php7.4
sudo a2enmod php7.4


MySQL Location Path
Install Prefix /usr/local/mysql
Data Location /usr/local/mysql/data
my.cnf Configuration File /etc/my.cnf