Let’s start by following the tutorial for installing WordPress Pete on Google Cloud Platform.

Once you have installed WordPress Pete correctly go to the settings panel of your domain provider, for this example we will use a godaddy.com domain

Use your domain provider’s DNS servers

1. Go to yout products and click in the domain you want to point

2. Click on manage DNS

3. Point the A or AAA record to the IP server address where WordPress Pete is installed

Wait a few minutes while the DNS record is updated. Wait a few minutes while the DNS record is updated, the time will depend on the TTL

Use a different DNS (Domain Name Server) than your domain provider 

For this example we are going to use the Cloud DNS service of Google Cloud Platform

1. Go to your GCP dashboard and search for the Cloud DNS service

2. Create a new DNS Zone

3. Then copy and paste the DNS servers assigned to your dns zone

4. Go to your domain dahsboard control and click to Manage DNS. Then click in change Name Servers

5. Copy and paste the DNS assigned to your dns zone

6. Then create the A record for blank and for www

7. Wait a few moments while the DNS records are updated and that’s it. The domain petetesting.com is pointing to the WordPress production environment