For this example we will use the domain which is pointing to a WordPress Pete installation. To see how to do this check out this tutorial: Point a domain to a WordPress Pete in production environment

1. For this example we purchased an SSL certificate from my favorite site for SSL certificates:

2. We choose the upload file validation option

3. Let’s download the validation text file

4. The validation path must be the same one that we will use to upload the validation file from Pete

5. Once we have uploaded the validation file, click confirm file upload from the dashboard

6. We wait a few minutes for the SSL certificate to be issued and after that we download it

7. Now in the SSL upload form from Pete we carefully select the 3 SSL files: .crt, .key, bundle

8. After this we go to the SSL activation form and select SSL: on and then click on UPDATE SSL STATUS

9. And it’s ready

10. The SSL files are stored in /var/www/html/ssl/project_name . To update an SSL certificate repeat these steps first disabling the SSL STATUS